Saturday, July 17, 2010

Workshop: The Storage

With a lot of tools it's easy to run out of storage. That's why I decided on getting a 72"H x 36"W x 18"D storage cabinet with 5 shelves.
I did not buy the cabinet myself... but here's a link to one I found on the internet. This one was a gift for me of one of my aunts.

To the left is the image of how it looks in real life.

The handle has no security locking mechanism, so I had to buy a hasp and staple, plus a combination lock from Truper. This is by no means thief proof, but it will keep the hands of the common passerby off my stuff.

This cabinet came with no wheels and moving it was a two-man job. I then added wheels to it.

Here's the first shelf (from top to bottom). Here I'm keeping the Dremel Work Station with Dremel itself, the Iluminaded Magnifier & Desk Lamp, a Duracraft Fan, a vise from PanaVise, the screwdriver bits of the Denali Cordless Screwdriver, and in that black box back there, the Black & Decker Drill.

The second shelf is the one that will be easiest to access while standing straight. Here I've got: the Kawasaki Heat Gun, different sorts of tape, assorted capacitors, LEDs, transistors, sockets, relays, etc., spray paint, lubricants (silicon & multi-purpose), rubber cement, a cable dispenser (which also has solder wire), a multimeter and a graphic calculator.

The small cabinet is way too small for the amount of components I currently have, so I'm considering purchasing one Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Cabinet.

This is the third shelf, here you can see the soldering iron with its base and my Denali Toolkit bag. There's also a box with sorted resistors, a plastic storage cabinet that contains lots of screws, nails, washers, etc., and another plastic storage box that contains USB cables, AC adapters, SATA cables, ASDL filters, phone cables, etc.
The soldering iron goes in the second shelf, not the third... I left it there by mistake.
The lower shelves contain miscellaneous spare parts, cables, "leftovers" and the like.

Here's an overview of the whole thing:

As you can see I've organized almost everything from mostly used and relevancy, from top to bottom.

I learned the hard way that leaving the your tools in the outdoors (even if it's below a roof and inside a metallic storage cabinet) has serious consequences... specially if you live near the equador. Some of my tools are getting rusty and moldy due to the high air humidity.
There's not much I can do because this cabinet does not fit anywhere else around the house... the best solution I can think of right now is getting a dehumidifier or lots of silica gel pouches.

That's it for now folks!

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